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All pets are different be it cats, dogs, birds or small animals. Each of these animals has distinct characteristics and when you have decided to raise them as pets; it is your responsibility to know everything about them. A majority of pet owners know everything about that animal before bringing it home as a pet. Reptiles or amphibians, the rule is the same. Know them before you get them home. Why is it important to know them? It is because you want to know everything about their food habits, their living habitats, if not the complete anatomy at least their physical characteristics. Frogs and toads need different terrariums than tortoises and iguanas.

Reptiles are basically animals that crawl, climb, slither, leap or creep. Pythons, snakes, turtles, lizards, chameleons, frogs, toads, etc. fall under the cold-blooded category. Amphibians need terrariums with a mix of land and water. The other reptiles need a more jungle like terrarium. You can design the habitats based on your budget but make sure that it is completely safe for your pets as well as the others in the house. These pets are fairly new to your environment so you might want to give them all the time they need to adjust.

The online stores offer a wide range of products to take care of reptiles and amphibians. Just like you have pet supplies for small animals, dogs and cats, there are exclusive products for these creepers and crawlers too. They are unique and interesting companions and believe it or not they can become attached with you just like the other pets. The online stores offers different types of habitats, enclosures, substrates, bedding, heating and lighting, hideaways, stands, covers  and other accessories. If the pets are sensitive to humidity or heat, you will also find products such as ceramic heaters, thermometers, humidity gauges along with incandescent basking lights.

Coming to food, you might want to take extra special care while buying food online. Ask expert opinion such as a local pet store or a vet to find out what best food to give these reptiles and amphibians. It is not like feeding the cats, dogs, birds and small animals. These crawlers need a different diet. You can also opt for frozen food and thaw the food before feeding these pets. You can also try giving them supplements along with fresh greens or fruits as part of a balanced diet.

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It is a no brainer that a majority of pet owners own cats and dogs. A few also love to have birds, reptiles and amphibians. But there are others who adore their small mammals. Rats and mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, gerbils, moles, etc. fall under this category. These pets make great friends and are great addition to the pet family. They can be easily fed and there is absolutely no fuss when it comes to these pets. They are adorably cute but you have to cage them to keep them safe. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes which makes them even more adorable. Here are a few pointers if you have these small mammals at home:

Start with a proper habitat and it all begins with a cage. There are so many varieties available today that you can literally create a modular home for these pets. If you have larger pets around, you must be extra cautious of keeping the cages even more secured. These small animals feel threatened very easily. They might even take time adjusting to you in the beginning. So, make sure you make their stay as comfortable and safe as possible.
Keeping the surroundings fresh is what you must do next. Remember that these pets have not been in the wild or in their natural habitats. So, you must keep the surrounding accommodative in terms of cleanliness, odor, moisture and the like. As these pets are very tiny, it is very difficult to understand if they are suffering from any problem. Keep observing their habits and learn more about the particular breed you are raising at home. This will help you keep track of their health and pay visits to the vets if necessary.
Nutritious food is what these pets need. Browse the online stores which can offer packed food which are full of nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals. Whether it is a mouse or a hamster, you might want to take care of their food habits just like your cats, dogs, birds, reptiles or amphibians. Last but not the least, these small mammals also need to be entertained and groomed. So, don’t forget to browse for these categories too. Explore the handpicked range of pet products right here.
However, you have to be very careful while caring for these pets. It is not the same as raising cats and dogs, birds, reptiles and other amphibians. You have to provide for them by all means. From a secured cage to a clean bed, safe chew toys to fresh food, there are so many things to take care of.

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Many of us love animals but not all are ready to be pet owners. It comes with a great responsibility and taking care of pets is no joke. Dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, reptiles and amphibians are some of the most common pets at a home. Just imagine with the busy schedules that you have, you also have to buy pet supplies. And you cannot just get any product home which means that you have to do some homework and then go to the store. The disadvantage is that you might not get the desired product in the nearest store. So, here are five best reasons to buy pet products online:

Variety – When it comes to variety online pet stores offer the widest range. Some pet shops such as this store offer a handpicked range of products helping you choose from the best. They have already shortlisted the best products and all you have to do is to buy them.

Deals, Discounts and Sale – The online shops usually have some sale or the other going around all through the year. This will help customers who shop on a budget. Whether you buying for a cat or a dog, bird or small mammals, reptiles or amphibians, these stores have discounted products in almost all categories except the latest and new arrivals.

Latest Products – Shopping online always comes with perks such as getting the latest products which have been just released into the market. Some stores offer an international range of pet supplies and pet owners can benefit from such products.

Easy Shopping – Browsing on these stores is convenient. You can choose to shop by category such as shop by pet or shop by grooming. You will be directed straight to the product list. Most of these sites have easy to use and customer friendly layouts. So, even a person with no technical knowledge can easily navigate through these sites.

Payments – The online store offer the convenience of paying by different cards and payment methods such as e-wallets. All major debit and credit cards are accepted for payments. The payments also go through secured gateways. However, customers should always be cautious and careful with phishing tactics and fraudulent forms.

The best advantage of online shopping can never be undermined. You can get all the products delivered to your doorstep with easy returns or exchanges. So, don’t forget to browse for your favorite pet products right here at this store.

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When our eight year old Schipperke passed away of heart failure in our arms, we were devastated. She was the light of our lives and losing her created a lonely situation for us and our eight year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  We made the decision to find and adopt an older, female Schipperke, and we soon found out, that would not an easy process.

Schipperkes are not a common breed in Florida, and while we found rescue locations, they were all male or puppies. Finally, we found a shelter on the other side of the state that had a Schipperke mix female, eight years old.  Most shelters have a ruling to adopt within their area, but when I called and explained the situation, they agreed for us to bring our Rhodesian over for a ‘meet and greet’ to make sure that everyone got along well. The ironic part about this little girl is that she had the exact same name as our beloved female that we were mourning.  

After filling out the paperwork online and many conversations, they warned me that this little girl had only two situations: ‘toy issues and food issues’.  They said she was obsessed with both. In these cases, it makes sense for a small dog in a rescue situation. It is always unknown as to what they have gone through.

We made the drive to the shelter and, since this was in an upscale city, the shelter was also upscale. The kind of care that they gave to their animals was proven when we talked with many people that were waiting. They had already adopted and were bringing their pets back just to say ‘hi’.  We met our little girl and all went well. She really had no interest in our Rhodesian and I could tell he was confused when we called this little girl by the same name. It also seemed that everyone at the shelter was aware of us as many greeted us, knowing that we had driven for hours to adopt.  

It took a little while for our little sweet Schipperke to become accustomed to us. No one adopts the older dogs, but we were immediately in love with her. Sunday trips to the local pet store helped to eliminate her fear of cars and each trip, we got another ‘squeaky toy’. People that come to visit our home are used to the fact that she has a huge pile of toys and, when she wants to play she goes over and carefully selects just the right one.



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In the last ten years there has been a serious situation occurring with the manufacture of dog treats made in China.  Specifically, the chicken jerky treats have caused over 5,000 dogs to become very ill and in approximately 1,000 dogs have died. Veterinarians across the United States have been warning dog owners about this situation, but some are still unaware of the depth of the problem.

The FDA has taken this occurrence to heart and after extensive testing they cannot find a single substance that may be causing the problem. Because of this, they have not created any specific ‘recalls’.  There have been complaint reports that have numbered nearing 5,000 with most of the symptoms involving gastrointestinal or liver disease, however nearing one third have been linked to kidney and urinary disease.

There are almost ten percent of the dog illness that include other symptoms and disorders including: dermatologic, neurologic, and immunologic.  In the testing process, fifteen percent of those with urinary and kidney disease have also tested positive for a rare kidney disease called Fanconi Syndrome.  This disease is associated with death.

Given the circumstances, most pet stores continue to sell dog treats made in China and it is now the responsibility of the pet owner to be diligent on the type of treats that you buy.  American made dog treat manufacturers are now branding their products with the American flag and including the wording that they are Made In America. The big box chain pet store, PetCo, has taken this situation seriously and each store has a specific area designated for American made dog treats.  The CEO also appeared on nationwide news programs to validate their commitment to the health of the customers and their pets.

As dog owners, we consider our pups to be part of our family. Please take this alert seriously. If you have purchased dog treats that you are not sure of, get rid of them and purchase only American made products.  This is a situation that we must control ourselves and be diligent to help protect our beloved dogs. You might want to talk with your Veterinarian to have blood work done to take action before symptoms arise and allow proactive treatment.


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